On 20th November 2019, I attended one of the 24 Hours of Reality events, the THINK Climate event at IBM London.

In just over two hours, a small group of people, including one of the Climate Reality Leaders, Jeremy Waite, broke down an incredibly complex topic into 6 powerful talks. I have learnt about the seriousness of the climate crisis, the tools we already have (!) to fight it, and the small things each of us could do to help make a difference.

These talks resonated with me on the level I have never experienced before. I have found passion and beauty in something SO urgent, yet so often ignored and denied.

Ever since the event, I have been making progress to the vision of the world where we can build a business, change the world and have fun. I have taken every opportunity to educate myself about Climate Change, what it means, how it happened, and how it affects our future on this planet.

I have read so many books on this topic that I've also decided to create The Climate Book Club where I share my journey of becoming a well-read climate activist.

I truly believe that each of us can contribute towards solving the climate crisis.

Each of us can use our votes, our voices, and our choices to make the world better.

We can achieve it by making adjustments to our lifestyles that our better for our health, our well-being, and our future on this planet.

I believe this thanks to brave people like Greta Thunberg. Because she is a proof that no one is too small to make a difference.

So, welcome to Everyday Choices.

Let's start making a difference today. Let's do this for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our future on this beautiful planet.