Why Should We Care About Climate Change?

It's not about the planet. It's about us.

The planet is warming. We know this with certainty.

As Earth heats up, people all over the world are experiencing extreme weather patterns; intense rainstorms, extreme heat waves, powerful hurricanes, sever droughts, bushfires, and melting glaciers. All of these events are causing sea level rising and coastal areas flooding, destroying homes, and disrupting vital ecosystems on our planet.

Climate change is happening right now and it is happening very quickly.

As scary as the climate crisis is, there is one good thing about it. It is bringing together communities all around the world. It makes us bond. It makes us care. It makes us fight for the future of our planet.

We have the power to help solve the climate crisis.

Each of us can start making small (or large) adjustments to our lifestyles and contribute towards a global change.

Every small step counts. Every act we take counts. Everything counts.

We can still fix this. We can do this for our ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our future on this beautiful planet.

Be part of the change and start making the world better today.